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A Souls Journey:

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BA (Hons), Snr. Accred MBACP., UKRCP, BA (Hons)., Adv. Dip Couns., PG Dip., Cert. Ed,. MSC.

Professional and Spiritual Mentoring

Professional Mentoring


Many newly qualified therapists struggle to establish themselves in the profession and wonder how to move forward once they are qualified.  Not having the support of tutors and the training group can seem daunting and lonely.  Whilst a good supervisor will offer support, it may be that some extra exploration and guidance could be useful as you begin to carve out your particular way of working and your own niche and this where mentoring can be useful.

For those who are qualified and experienced and well established in the profession, it could be that your work starts to feel boring and stale, that the spark and passion that drove your work has gone, or you just feel ready to make changes, but are unsure what those changes may be.

In either of these cases, working with another experienced therapist can offer the level of support to move forward and to explore the different options open to you.

To these sessions I bring my own many years of experience as a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor, along with my experience of the training environment and my work within one of the main awarding bodies of counselling qualifications, along with my experience working for the BACP in Professional Standards.


Spiritual Mentoring


There has never been a time in history when so much information has been made readily available on spirituality and the mystery traditions.  For anyone venturing down this road of exploration it can feel overwhelming.  So many courses on so many different subjects, along with so many books, so much information, it is hardly surprising that many become lost and confused and unsure of the path ahead.  Most spiritual traditions advocate that individuals should have a teacher or mentor to support and encourage, whilst also helping to keep the individual grounded.

It can be tough knowing how to carry on functioning in the material world as we develop spiritually, and finding ourselves wanting to apply the understanding gained from our spiritual explorations to our everyday world and relationships.  Another aspect can be that despite all our endeavours and hard work and whatever we hoped to achieve on our spiritual journey, it always feels like we never quite make it, that somehow we ‘should’ be doing better.

Through using my own experience of my own spiritual journey, along with my psychotherapeutic experience, my aim in these sessions is to help you explore what the right spiritual path is for you, whilst also integrating any developments into your life and relationships and enriching all aspects of your existence. For all of us, the journey is very individual and that is respected and acknowledged throughout the work we do together.

Sessions in both areas can be on a regular basis or as and when needed.  Sessions are one hour long.






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Thomas Paine, 1977